Cookie Policy

The Red Palm Estate website uses cookies. If you visit a website that uses cookies, you must by law be informed that the website contains cookies, what they are used for and how you can opt out of them. When a browser retrieves pages from a website, the website does not remember that it has just been in contact with the same browser. A cookie is used to store information between visits, so that the website can recognize a returning visitor. Each pick-up is a separate visit. A cookie can, for example, contain information about login or settings on the website.

There are two types of cookies: temporary and permanent

Temporary cookies, or session cookies, are not saved anywhere but disappear when you close the browser. They contain temporary information between page downloads. Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your computer for a shorter or longer period of time, and are used to save settings and information from one visit to the next. Some permanent cookies can be used to track a user’s visits to several different websites.

Can cookies contain viruses?

No, cookies are ordinary text files and can not contain viruses. The files are small and most browsers only allow a certain amount of cookies to be stored in memory. So there is no risk that the hard drive will get full just because you allow cookies.

Can I say no to cookies?

If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, you can turn it off in your browser settings. Then no cookies will be stored, but you will also not be able to use certain parts of our e-services. In some browsers, you can block permanent cookies and still allow session cookies.

Find and remove cookies

All browsers are different. Look in the help function of your browser for information on how to change the cookie settings. You can delete all cookies from your hard drive yourself. You do this in your browser settings.

We use third party programs

Web statistics analysis tool

We use Google Analytics to get an idea of how our visitors use the website. The statistics tool’s cookies do not contain any information about who the visitor is. We can not identify you or your computer.

Google Analytics stores information about:

when you first visited the site

when you last visited the site

when your current visit began

how many times you visited the site

which browser you are using

how you found the site (traffic sources).

Google Tag Manager stores information about:

returning visitors

how to navigate our site.

Advertising and social media

We use technology, such as cookies, to customize content and ads, offer functions in social media and analyze traffic to the website. We also share information about your use of the Website with our trusted partners in social media, advertising and analytics.

Facebook stores information about:

when you first visited the site

when you last visited the site

how to navigate our site